IDP Multi Source Collection and Analysis

Our Approach

In support of our government and private sector work, we routinely locate, monitor and connect disparate pieces of information others do not find, from both primary and secondary sources of information, so we have greater thoroughness and depth in the intelligence we produce.

  • Open Source or Classified as appropriate
  • Worldwide coverage with subject matter/country expertise and on-the-ground capabilities
  • Comprehensive strategic and tactical analysis of collected information
  • Primary Sources with Human Collection in the US and overseas
  • Secondary Sources including the Internet, Deep Web, Dark Web, Social Networks, Commercial and Specialized Databases, Grey Area Literature, Historic Archival Information
  • Unique and proprietary Keyword Signatures © search and analysis capability that supports many hundreds of phrases and keywords for a single query; can address virtually all types of source material, including concepts, words, phrases, acronyms, technical jargon, organization names, people, places, etc.; and can be translated into multiple languages and character sets to further extend investigative reach
  • In-house proprietary and powerful monitoring platform that gathers up to the moment news information from 180 countries around the world, from local, state, national, regional and global sources
  • Commercially Available, Historical and other Overhead Imagery (GIS and Imagery Science)
  • Major foreign languages

Products and Services

IDP produces cost-effective customized and highly focused Intelligence Briefs, delivered regularly by email according to a schedule the client defines and in a format of the client's choice. Real time email alerts with breaking news or insight are also provided whenever necessary. Unlike generalized news reporting on topics that are of no interest to the client, or topic-specific reports with little analysis or insight, IDP provides insightful and to the point "actionable intelligence" produced by its research analysts on a frequency that serves your mission, clearly explaining what you need to know, and most important, when you need to know it.
IDP can quickly get up to speed and providelimited engagement,up to the momentfast reaction IntelligenceReports. Not as extensive as our more in depth IntelligenceReportsdiscussed below, they provide clients with a prompt analysis of the landscape surrounding topics of concern, complete with findings conclusions and recommendations for appropriate next steps.
In Depth Intelligence Reports
IDP produces deeper dive and more in depth Intelligence Reports utilizing the full range of IDP's global multi-source intelligence capabilities and resources. Period of performance typically lasts from days to many months depending on client requirements and the need for intelligence refresh. Our reports contain findings, conclusions and recommendations for action and are delivered electronically or in hard copy with the option of on-site or remote briefings.
IDP can provide customized and focused real time operational information feeds directly to the client's analyst on a 24/7 basis. Information can be delivered via RSS feeds, PDF, email, or as programming code to place on a web portal. If desired, content can be processed through machine translation algorithms. As always, IDP incorporates its analysts to ensure superior a result.

The Payoff

IDP can be used to effectively and efficiently locate and monitor critical information worldwide on virtually any subject, issue or technology. Our unique approach provides analysis and reporting of news and other critical information from sources not available through normal collection means in a efficient and cost-effective manner. The findings are customized to client's needs that can be delivered when and how they wish to receive it. The result is highly targeted and time urgent "actionable intelligence" the user can confidently and quickly use when it is needed.