IDP Multi Source Collection and Analysis

Our Approach

In support of our government and private sector work, we routinely locate, monitor and connect disparate pieces of information others do not find, from both primary and secondary sources of information, so we have greater thoroughness and depth in the intelligence we produce.

  • Open Source or Classified as appropriate
  • Worldwide coverage with subject matter/country expertise and on-the-ground capabilities
  • Comprehensive strategic and tactical analysis of collected information
  • Primary Sources with Human Collection in the US and overseas
  • Secondary Sources including the Internet, Deep Web, Social Networks, Commercial and Specialized Databases, Grey Area Literature, Historic Archival Information
  • Commercially Available, Historical and other Overhead Imagery (GIS and Imagery Science)
  • Major foreign languages

Products and Services

IDP has developed an innovative, powerful monitoring platform that gathers up to the moment news information from 180 countries around the world. This includes news from local, state, national, regional and global sources. This amounts to thousands of new reports every day that can be updated and provided to our clients once a day, or every five minutes depending on client operational requirements. IDP also harvests information from social media websites that often can provide a client a sense of the environment, customer desires or concerns, and early indications of potential threats. Understanding of customer requirements, design of search strategies and development of data filtration tactics are carried out by senior IDP Open Source research analysts. The result is timely information clients need to avoid unwanted surprises, now or in the future. IDP can provide you customized real time operational information feeds that will keep you competitive in the marketplace, aware of impending threats, and poised to take advantage of new opportunities.

IDP’s information feeds are unique for a number of reasons.

  • In support of individual client needs IDP has developed powerful filtering capabilities that allow them to receive as much or as little information as they wish. We have developed specialized filters to focus on different industry sectors, such as biomedical, pharmaceutical, financial, energy, and retail. Additional specialized filters have been developed in support of a range of government clients focused on domestic and national security. For example, a government agency might want rapid notification of a security incident, weather emergency, natural disasters, etc. Similarly, military specialists can be better informed on new developments in border regions, across state lines, overseas, new technologies, etc. And corporations can be kept up to date on the latest information concerning cyber threats, physical security in their US and overseas operations, counterfeit products, competitors’ competitive advantage, and legal issues, such as protection of intellectual property.
  • Information updates can be delivered to the client by RSS feeds, PDF, email, or as programming code to place on a web portal.
  • Feeds can be geocoded, allowing them to be displayed on a mapping platform of your choice.
  • If desired, feeds or portal content can be processed through machine translation algorithms, allowing the user to use gisting to better understand articles written in non-English languages.
  • IDP has developed specialized keyword signatures that can support hundreds of phrases and keywords, far beyond what a typical search engine can support. By using our keyword signatures or developing one with us, the analyst is able to save hours of time per day, reducing the time to search and browse, and spend more time on actual penetrating analysis and development of insights, based upon a far broader spectrum of available data.

IDP produces highly focused Intelligence Briefs delivered regularly by email according to a schedule the customer defines. Unlike generalized news reporting on topics that are of no interest to the client, or topic-specific reports with little analysis or insight, IDP provides insightful and to the point “actionable intelligence” produced by its research analysts on a daily, weekly or other basis chosen by the client that clearly explains what you need to know, and most important, when you need to know it. Clients benefit by receiving timely, accurate and comprehensive intelligence prepared by dependable and reliable research analysts that they can trust to make informed decisions.

  • Unparalleled access to in-country news sources
  • Not restricted to English-only
  • Perspectives from authoritative subject matter experts

IDP has established a unique monitoring infrastructure that collects RSS feeds, as well as other local and regional news sources, such as newspapers, radio, television, news directories, blogs, magazines, social media, forums, bulletin boards, and other websites. Unlike news services that rely on English language repositories, our sources are truly local and deliver the local perspective in a way that other services cannot. This local visibility provides immediacy to the content and allows intelligence analysts and collection specialists to review multiple sources in many languages as needed that are not filtered through US or other Western biases. Additionally we have the capability to monitor social media sources based on specific needs. This gives us the ability to find out what is being discussed in a very specific part of a country, at a rally or city block, or a conference as it is happening. Additional perspective is available by communicating with in-country and other subject matter experts (SMEs) who are able to offer their unique insights in ways that do not get reported by independent or state-run media.

This leads to a lot of information that provides the basis for our analysis and ultimately the actionable intelligence we provide our customers. For example, in the case of Pakistan alone, we have 85 feeds that are unique specific to that country Pakistan alone. This is supplemented from additional regional news sources that represent another layer of coverage with a different but related viewpoint. The final layer of news source coverage comes from the large news directories and English news sources, such as BBC News, Agence France Presse, etc.

Separately from our news monitoring platform, we also maintain massive document archives, which pull in grey area literature and publicly available content from think tanks, research foundations, conferences, journals, universities, institutes, etc. These archives enable us to quickly pull content from thousands of sources and are invaluable in performing deep dive research.

IDP produces deeper dive and more in depth Intelligence Reports utilizing the full range of IDP’s global Multi Source Intelligence capabilities and resources. Period of performance typically lasts from days to many months depending on customer requirements and the need for intelligence refresh. Our reports contain findings, conclusions and recommendations for strategy approaches and are delivered electronically or in hard copy with the option of on-site briefings.

Customers can have direct access to IDP analysts by phone or email to get questions answered or insight provided in real time.