Private Sector Practice

Opportunities and Threats

The difference between success and failure requires timely recognition of opportunities and threats, and making proactive, knowledge-based decisions regarding them. The key to making such decisions and developing subsequent strategies is locating, collecting and analyzing information, - "Actionable Knowledge" - that leads to effective decisions. IDP specializes in producing critical knowledge inputs our clients can use to enhance effective decision-making and assists clients in developing comprehensive management strategies based on that knowledge. This applies to a range of activities such as investment, market identification and penetration - be it private sector or government marketplaces, competitor capabilities, product positioning, technology and product development, operations improvement, perception insight and sentiment analysis, and risk assessment.

With decades of high-level private sector, government, and international experience, and significant contacts in the Washington Area, we understand emerging and existing policies, regulations, and trends. We have a wide range of subject matter expertise and worldwide coverage, giving us access to knowledge from sources often unavailable to others. This gives our clients special advantages.