Private Sector Practice

Opportunities and Threats

The difference between success and failure requires timely recognition of opportunities and threats, and making proactive, knowledge-based decisions regarding them. The key to making such decisions and developing subsequent strategies is locating, collecting and analyzing information, "Actionable Knowledge" that leads to effective decisions. IDP specializes in producing critical knowledge inputs our clients can use to enhance effective decision-making and assists clients in developing comprehensive management strategies based on that knowledge. This applies to a range of activities such as investment, market identification and penetration, product positioning, technology and product development, operations improvement, and risk assessment.

With decades of high-level private sector, government, and international experience, and significant contacts in the Washington Area, we understand emerging and existing policies, regulations, and trends. We have a wide range of subject matter expertise and worldwide coverage, giving us access to knowledge from sources often unavailable to others. This gives our clients special advantages.

Selected Key Capabilities

Risk includes being blindsided by unforeseen threats and missing hidden opportunities. Our focus includes:

  • Asymmetric Threat and Opportunity Analysis
  • Support for international Crisis Evacuation Operations (CEO)
  • Assessment of Operations Security (OPSEC) Vulnerability to Open Source Searching and Penetration

We locate technologies relevant to our client's objectives and needs anywhere in the world and focus on not-yet-surfaced, disruptive, and asymmetric technologies that can represent both threats and opportunities. Based on this knowledge, we arm decision-makers with unbiased insights and recommendations they can use to seize opportunities and avoid threats. Areas of focus include:

  • Assessing Current Situations and Future Technology Trends
  • Identifying Evaluating and Ranking Technologies for Investment
  • Technology and Intellectual Property Asset Management
  • Technology Partnering and Matchmaking
  • Using Technologies in Novel Ways

We empower clients to shape their operations, tactics and strategy based on how customers, suppliers, competitors, and funders view and evaluate their performance against expectations. We conduct analyses of unusual depth and perception and act as an independent third party. We are able to obtain information people will not readily furnish to our client, to whom we provide unfiltered, analyzed information in the context of the client's operations, tactics and strategy to present an unbiased scorecard and offer focused recommendations for improving aspects of the client's organization.

Our Washington area location, experience in the Federal arena, superior contacts and capabilities uniquely position us to identify and assess factors that govern our clients' opportunities for success. We target funding resources by identifying and analyzing emerging government mission requirements and help clients match their capabilities and technologies to meet those requirements. Central to our success is an information-gathering approach that identifies senior-most decision-makers, program managers and program implementers. We enable clients to adjust operations, tactics, or corporate strategy by developing insights into how the government perceives them relative to competitors. We evaluate competitor strategies, and identify and analyze key internal and external government issues and influencers that can impact decision outcomes. We also evaluate competitor strengths and weaknesses relative to our client's capabilities. The result is market positioning and strategy that enables a higher probability of success in doing business with the government.