Government Practice

The Challenge

The US faces a number of economic and national security challenges as the global environment continues to change at an ever-increasing pace. These challenges are both traditional and asymmetric/irregular. They are OCONUS and CONUS focused.

The factors that create challenges also create opportunities. The difference between success and failure requires rapid recognition of opportunities and threats, to enable proactive knowledge and reality-based decisions. Surprise is dangerous in a world in flux. The key to making thoroughly informed decisions and developing strategies and tactics that ensure success is the ability to identify, collect, analyze and fuse often hard to find and disparate information that produces "Actionable Intelligence".

Our team is composed of impartial senior-level personnel with decades of high-level government, private sector, and international experience. We have provided forward intelligence, technology scouting, location and analysis of threat activity signatures, cultural analysis and guidance and other unique information to the government national security, domestic security and intelligence communities, as well as to civilian government agencies, and are well suited to support existing and emerging government requirements related to the confluence of global issues, technology, policy and strategy.

Selected Capabilities/Areas of Expertise

  • Scientific and Technical Intelligence for Disruptive and Emerging Technologies
    • Assessing Current Situations and Future Technology Projections
    • Identifying and Evaluating Technologies
    • Ranking Technologies and Specific Technology Candidates
    • Ongoing Technology Monitoring
  • Technology Scouting and Forecasting to Extend the Life and Improve the Capability of National/Homeland Security Platforms/Systems
  • Non-Traditional Company Outreach
  • Blue Force Quick Fixes
  • Red Force Capability Surprise
  • Disruptive Application of Technology by Threat Groups for Asymmetric Threat Surprise
  • Utilization of Secondary and Tertiary Signatures for Identification and Tracking of Clandestine Threat Programs and Activity
  • Difficult and Hard Target Open Source Exploitation
  • Underground Facility Analysis and Characterization
  • Identification of Chain of Event Signatures for Disruption of Threat Objectives
  • Indicators and Warnings and Threat Projection
  • Strategic Cultural Risk Intelligence for Threat Group CONOPS/Technology Application/Tactics and Blue Force Mitigation Strategy
  • Asymmetric Threat and Opportunity Analysis
  • Transnational Terrorist, Criminal, Drug, Arms and Human Trafficking Organizations
  • Current and Forward Intelligence for Global Political, Economic, Civil and Military Issues Concerning Major Global Hot Spots
  • Forward Intelligence Concerning Energy and Other Global Resource Issues