When ‘close’ is not good enough

Whether you’re managing a public issue or candidate, assessing the efficacy of competitors’ technology and capabilities, or protecting your own organization and leaders, there is no substitute for solid intelligence.

Unfortunately, traditional research methods may only get you close to an accurate picture, and when it comes to intelligence, ‘close’ is not good enough.

Intelligent Decision Partners is an advanced intelligence and strategy firm. From online and other sources, we uncover what others miss, delivering you actionable intelligence others simply cannot.

How are we different? Our senior team has decades of research, subject matter, and analytic experience supported by technical and tradecraft innovations unavailable elsewhere. This includes our leading edge Keyword Signatures, Visual Signatures, and Chatter Analysis Platform as well Hyper-local Targeting and Hyper-local Demographics.

We provide clients with offensive and defensive situational awareness and foresight, and guide them in making informed decisions to seize opportunities and mitigate risk.