Technology and Manufacturing

Technology and Manufacturing companies are always facing competitive threats and the challenge of missed opportunities: new players, disruptive technologies and black swan events, amidst changing government policy and regulations, and unforeseen market changing events.

IDP and its team has a long history supporting technology and manufacturing companies by conducting Competitive Intelligence, Science and Technology Intelligence and Scouting, Disruptive Issue Awareness and Analysis, Forecasting and Predictive Analysis, and Sentiment and Perception Analysis to provide competitor product and technology development and marketing strategies, conduct market forecasting, discover how our clients and their offerings are perceived versus the competition, locate merger and acquisition opportunities, discover competitor intellectual property theft, determine technology partnering and matchmaking opportunities, and target government policy influencers.

Successful technology and manufacturing companies are proactive in protecting intellectual property and other sensitive corporate information from malicious cyber attackers and state actors. IDP’s Advanced Intelligence and Information Defense (AIID) helps guard sensitive corporate data, intellectual property and corporate strategy from exploitation.