Sentiment and Perception Analysis/Issue Management

Imagine you’re a public health agency needing to understand vaccine hesitancy among Latino youth in a particular urban area. Or a company wanting to know how its product is perceived by a market segment that communicates largely using emojis. Or an advocacy group that needs to find the right messages to generate voter support for a ballot initiative.

IDP responds to these and other specialized sentiment perception and analysis challenges using social media platforms, where all forms of communication are interpreted – including innovative text analysis of emojis and images. Our approach provides important snapshots of unfiltered viewpoints, and minimizes common biases in traditional survey and focus group research. Additionally, IDP can geographically target its data gathering and analysis to the neighborhood level, and disaggregate its findings across some 400 demographic variables. These strategies can be employed to provide independent intelligence and insights on the perceptions of the client itself, competitors, hostile groups, and others to help inform and shape our clients’ operations, tactics, and messages.