IDP Innovation

Keyword Signatures™ (KWS) dramatically surpasses traditional search tools by querying, filtering, and targeting upwards of 10,000 keywords in up to 40 languages in a single search of open web, deep web, dark web, social media platforms and news sources in over 180 countries. KWS supports IDP’s advanced neural processing platform to discover and analyze even weak signals for indicators and warnings for connections and relationships.

Visual Signatures™ (VS) analyzes visual media, including scanning, reviewing, and classifying still and motion imagery. VS support a wide variety of image types and content, from people, weapons, vehicles, satellite imagery, graffiti, and medical imagery.

Hyper-local Targeting™ (HLT) sharpens a geographic search by including local names of metropolitan areas, such as townships, villages, hamlets, county names, etc. When analysts research a geographic region, those with the most local knowledge have an advantage over those lacking it. A search for a metro area might actually query hundreds of different local place names, thereby improving the results to the analyst.

Hyper-local Demographics™ (HLD) leverages Hyper-local Targeting™ and layers up to 400 variables of neighborhood-level demographic datasets, including age, race, gender, occupation, income and education data. This delivers uncommon insight of chatter and sentiment for micro-targeted research for pinpoint understanding your critical issues and micro-targeted messaging.

Chatter Collection and Analysis Platform™ (CAP) allows us to overlay analytic criteria to chatter in order to describe in a structured manner clusters of activity that point to indicators and warnings (I&W) of impending events. We use Natural Language processing to extract entities from big data sets, permitting the discovery of new insights.

Network Defense Intelligence (NDI) is a unique capability that locates and mitigates vulnerabilities to organizations from sensitive metadata in documents that competitors, hackers and other malicious actors can harvest to attack and penetrate information networks.