IDP Innovation

IDP’s Intelligence Signatures Suite™ is our collection of advanced search and analysis technologies that enhance the collection and analysis of text and multimedia content. The robust Signatures Suite facilitates rapid discovery and response, enhances project efficiency, and reduces research and intelligence gaps. Each tool in our Signatures Suite targets specific elements – or signatures – in each type of content. The Signature Suite technology includes:

Keyword Signatures™ (KWS) dramatically surpasses traditional search tools by querying, filtering, and targeting thousands of keywords in up to 40 languages in a single search of open web, deep web, dark web, social media platforms and news sources in over 180 countries. KWS supports IDP’s advanced neural processing platform to discover and analyze even weak signals for indicators and warnings for connections and relationships.

Visual Signatures™ (VS) analyzes visual media, including scanning, reviewing, and classifying still and motion imagery. VS support a wide variety of image types and content, from people, weapons, vehicles, satellite imagery, graffiti, and medical imagery.