Science and Technology Scouting and Intelligence

IDP’s Science and Technology Scouting and Intelligence is grounded in experience that integrates science, engineering and product development practices with business unit strategy and management – from early stage exploration, technology strategy development, efficient production and sales, and finally to end-of-life retirement. Our Technology Intelligence service evaluates competitor and market technologies, development efforts and selected trends.

By scouting over the horizon activity, IDP identifies emerging and disruptive technologies, uncovers acquisition/partnership opportunities and identifies early warning signals.

IDP conducts technology monitoring for continuous emerging development tracking, including potential adversary threat technology developments for the national security and intelligence communities. We also develop technology adoption roadmaps to bring in attractive external technologies, support internal company R&D programs with new technical direction assessments, including terminating or redirecting unpromising projects, and identify new and existing technologies that can be repurposed for urgent requirements.